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The Eastern District is a mission field with approximately 43 million inhabitants and many communities in dramatic need of Gospel witness.


Our churches are spread across a geographically and culturally diverse section of the Northeast including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and our nation's capitol. 


The Eastern District is a movement, not just a loosely affiliated organization or institution. We are connected and growing together - committed to seeing each other thrive for the sake of the Gospel.  

3 Questions To Help You Structure Your Ministry For Success

In my time as a ministry leader, I have had successes, but I have also had failures. My biggest disaster in ministry occurred when I was leading an event planning team. One of my team members had voiced their desire to focus their attentions elsewhere and I just didn’t recognize…

3 Ways To Centralize The Gospel

I was a senior pastor for 37 years, and frankly, I’ve been glad I’ve not been serving in that role over the past six months. I doubt I would have adapted as well as many of you to preaching to a camera in a room with perhaps a videographer and…

Why I Jumped on TikTok and What I Learned About Being Relevant

I had been hearing the name mentioned for a while. TikTok. Kid’s would be recording themselves doing crazy “trending” dances for this relatively new video and music based app at almost every speaking engagement I had. It was clear the kids weren’t interested in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Snapchat…

3 Reasons You Are Stuck And How To Get Moving Again

  This summer, our family did a cross country RV trip to experience some of the grandest sites this country has to offer. From sunsets at The Grand Canyon or La Jolla Beach and fireworks over Arches National Park to snow capped peaks in Breckenridge, it took our breath away.…

What I Learned About Church Communications From My Hiatus As A Communications Director

“Weird” is the only word I can think of to describe the second week of March 2020. I will never forget sitting in my lead pastor’s office that Thursday afternoon with a group of church leaders listening to them discuss something that had seemed completely unthinkable even the day before:…

From An Anonymous EDA Pastor

For a brief moment I considered finding one of my most popular blog posts from the past few years, dusting it off, and sending it in for re-posting. Then I realized that would be lying. The truth is, I find myself like the little boy in John 6 – I…




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