million people

The Eastern District is a mission field with approximately 43 million inhabitants and many communities in dramatic need of Gospel witness.


Our churches are spread across a geographically and culturally diverse section of the Northeast including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and our nation's capitol. 


The Eastern District is a movement, not just a loosely affiliated organization or institution. We are connected and growing together - committed to seeing each other thrive for the sake of the Gospel.  

A two-sentence, life-changing prayer.

I don’t know how old I was when I first learned the Lord’s Prayer, but I do know I was young, probably four or five. I dutifully repeated the prayer when it was a part of the worship service, but I can’t say that I said it with passion or even…

Changing Lives Through Crisis Response

On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of Texas and caused $125 billion in damage, tying with Hurricane Katrina for the costliest storm on record. Almost every EFCA church in the Houston region (15 total) saw their communities flooded. One year later, there is still a lot of…

The Slow and Steady of Revitalizing your Church

A few months ago I wrote about St. John’s Syndrome.  St John’s syndrome is described as “the tendency of churches to become less effective the longer they are in existence.”  The two keys to overcoming St. John’s Syndrome are to rediscover the original values of the church (“do the things…

4 Ways to Make a Newsletter Count

Communication is a vital part of life, especially for those in leadership of an organization and its vision. Every leader struggles with communicating effectively, whether it be an email, a seminar, or a sermon or speech. While there are many tools that we could explore, lets address the church newsletter.…

5 Ways to Find and Trust The Help You Need

“So, if You are going to deal thus with me, please kill me at once – if I have found favor in Your sight…” Numbers 11:15 How does kill me at once and finding favor in the sight of God go together in the same sentence, or better yet, in…

How To Grow Your Audience When No One Is Paying Attention

I don’t know how to say this. Most people don’t even know you exist. As a church this presents a problem if you are actually trying to reach people in your community. The problem isn’t that you’re doing ministry wrong. It’s not because we live in a post-christian world. The issue…

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