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The Eastern District is a mission field with approximately 43 million inhabitants and many communities in dramatic need of Gospel witness.


Our churches are spread across a geographically and culturally diverse section of the Northeast including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and our nation's capitol. 


The Eastern District is a movement, not just a loosely affiliated organization or institution. We are connected and growing together - committed to seeing each other thrive for the sake of the Gospel.  

4 Ways to Make an Email Newsletter Count

Communication is a vital part of life, especially for those in leadership of an organization and its vision. Every leader struggles with communicating effectively, whether it be an email, a seminar, or a sermon or speech. While there are many tools that we could explore, lets address the church newsletter.…

How To Grow Your Audience When No One Is Paying Attention

I don’t know how to say this… Most people don’t even know you exist. As a church, this presents a problem if you are actually trying to reach people in your community. The problem isn’t that you’re doing ministry wrong. It’s not because we live in a post-christian world. The…

The Two Best Tools For Effective Pastoral Leadership

  We’re all looking for shortcuts, secrets, and time-tested ways to accomplish what’s important. Having been in local church ministry for decades, I’ve come to learn that two of the most effective tools have been right next to me all along. I’m talking about my ears.  Pastoral ministry often elevates…

Whose Kingdom Is It Anyway? 3 Warning Signs You Are Building Your Own Kingdom.

I wish I could believe that every congregation throughout the world had nothing in mind but building the Kingdom of God. I wish that was the first thing on every pastor’s mind. But the truth is, building your own kingdom is tantalizing and sometimes feels more rewarding, at least for…

5 Questions To Consider Before Your Next Mission Trip

It’s that time of year when many student ministry leaders are making critical decisions about how they will leverage summer trips and where they will take students. Endless flyers, mailings, emails and social media blasts try to grab our attention. It’s hard to make sense of it all and choose…

3 Practical Ways The Church Can Support Foster and Adoptive Parents

I will never forget May 4, 2018. May 4th is the day I became a mom. But it’s not my child’s birthday. On May 3, I wasn’t in labor or packing a hospital bag – I wasn’t actually even pregnant at all. And I fell asleep that night having no…



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