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million people

The Eastern District is a mission field with approximately 43 million inhabitants and many communities in dramatic need of Gospel witness.


Our churches are spread across a geographically and culturally diverse section of the Northeast including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and our nation's capitol. 


The Eastern District is a movement, not just a loosely affiliated organization or institution. We are connected and growing together - committed to seeing each other thrive for the sake of the Gospel.  

10 Things I Would Change

It’s been over three years since I left the role of lead pastor and I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on things I did while I was in that role. There are some things I wouldn’t change for anything and there are plenty of others that I wish…

4 Ways To Play Left Tackle For Your Senior Pastor

I’ve never quarterbacked an NFL football team, but I’m certain it’s the most difficult position in sports. No other position requires such high levels of decision-making, vision, responsibility, leadership, and talent. Despite the fact there are 52 other players on the roster, 21 other starters, and three aspects of game…

How To Be An Encouragement When You Feel Empty

I think encouragement is something that goes hand in hand with ministry. Inevitably, someone that I am leading in ministry is hurting. It is just a fact of life. We are in a fallen world and there will always be people that are in need of an encouraging word. I heard my husband quote…

How To Be A Self-Aware Leader

In the past five years, I seem to have continually been in a place where I needed to be more aware of who I am. Moving across the country, growing my family, and navigating a season of depression has caused me to take a good look at who God is,…

3 Home Runs You Can Create For Your Ministry Right Now

As a lifelong baseball fan, I have always appreciated that, by nature, baseball is a team sport. No matter how good of a batter, pitcher, or fielder you are, you are utterly dependent on the rest of the team. You can have the greatest hitter of all time on your…

How To Lead From The Bottom Up

When we think of leadership, we rarely consider terms such as bottom or weak, but rather top and strong. We define our idyllic leaders as sharp, innovative, visionary, and bright. Can you imagine being introduced this way: “I want you to meet Cedrick, our wonderful pastor who has lots of…

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