million people

The Eastern District is a mission field with approximately 43 million inhabitants and many communities in dramatic need of Gospel witness.


Our churches are spread across a geographically and culturally diverse section of the Northeast including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and our nation's capitol. 


The Eastern District is a movement, not just a loosely affiliated organization or institution. We are connected and growing together - committed to seeing each other thrive for the sake of the Gospel.  

Five Gifts to Give Visitors This Christmas

You may think of dinner around the table, Mom’s cookies, a football game, and off-key carols when you think of your best Christmas memories; but admit it, you like the gifts too. We all enjoy the mystery behind the bow, the thoughtfulness of the gift, and the love that offered…

4 Ways To Reach The Next Generation Right Now

Despair has a permeant address deep in his gut. Everything he reads paints the picture that it’s his fault and the damage has been done. He knows something must change, but in the church that seems less likely than addressing the issue itself.  If he were honest, he doesn’t want to read,…

Post It! The question I get asked the most about social media.

We leverage a simple social media strategy at Grace Free Church and it has led to exponential growth in our numbers. More importantly, it has expanded the reach and influence of the Gospel to the 118 thousand people in our county. While having a strategy and following through on that strategy…

5 of The Best Leadership Podcasts for Youth Pastors

I enjoy reading. I go against the grain as a millennial because I like holding a physical book in one hand and a pen in the other. But with the demands of life (ministry, young kids, and the never-ending supply of leaves falling on my freshly-raked lawn), there’s just not…

When your values get pressure tested.

On the continuum of risk averse to risk seeker, I’m a risk taker when it comes to my phone. For years I’ve been carrying around a case-free phone enjoying the smooth, slim design that easily fits in my hand and slides into my pocket. Then, I dropped it in some…

The Church and Social Media

At its best, social media is all about establishing connections and building community. At its worst, social media is all about gaining followers and wasting time. Whatever way you spin it, social media is still the most popular and pervasive mode of communication. That leaves churches with a dilemma –…

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