What was the first thought that went through your mind when you read that title? 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been turned off over so much emphasis on church multiplication at any expense that the mere suggestion of multiplication completely frustrates you.

Yet, every church multiplies… Whether intentional or not, whether healthy or not, every church is multiplying something. It’s what we are multiplying that I would like to talk about.

We are the church of Jesus Christ. We are not about multiplying buildings, egos, bank accounts or personal influence. We are about multiplying disciples! This is what we are called to do. The moment we move away from multiplying disciples as our ultimate goal, we find ourselves multiplying things that work against that very mandate from our Lord.

I’ve been so encouraged this past year to see a healthy emphasis on church multiplication at both the national and district levels. I  can enthusiastically say the EFCA and EDA are really committed to reaching the millions of people who have been entrusted into our care with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What truly changes lives is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation (Rom 1:16).

Before you come to the conclusion as to the “readiness” of your church in regards to multiplication, let me encourage and remind you – multiplication is for everyone because everyone is called to reach people for Jesus. If we don’t communicate that to our congregations, we are multiplying a mindset that is contrary to Christ’s call for the church. Ready or not… you’re ready! 

In the days ahead you’re going to hear a lot more talk about multiplication from both district and national leadership. It’s important to understand that when we speak about multiplication, we’re not just talking about church growth. 

Church growth is a fruit of multiplication. Church multiplication is all about doing the best we can with the resources we have to reach people for Jesus Christ. While the methodology may look different from church to church, context to context, our ultimate goal is bringing glory to God by seeing people embrace Jesus.

If we are truly seeking to see people embrace Christ, we must recognize that prayer is a critical means toward that end.  

Here are 3 ways you and your church can join the EFCA in our efforts to multiply believers and churches.

1.  Commit To Praying Personally For Church Multiplication

If we are truly seeking to see people embrace Christ, we must recognize that prayer is a critical means toward that end. As a leader of your church will you commit to praying for church multiplication in our district? In your church? 

2.  Save The Date

October 7 is Church Multiplication Sunday. Join thousands across the nation in praying to the Lord of the harvest (Matt 9:38) for the making of disciples and planting of churches.

3.  Participate As A Church In Church Multiplication Sunday

We are requesting that each church set aside a time in their service for a short video, an announcement related to specific national and district prayer requests, and a time of prayer together as a church family. 

How great it will be for our congregations to be reminded that their church is a part of a much larger movement that is committed to reaching people for Jesus. Imagine all of our EDA churches, from New York to Virginia, joining together with fellow EFCA Churches around the country for a time of intentional and specific prayer for a harvest of souls among the 43 million people represented in our district! 

It starts with prayer and is carried out by willing hearts that have no other agenda than building the Kingdom of God, one life at a time! 

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Tony Balsamo

Tony Balsamo

District Superintendent at EDA Move
Tony is the Lead Pastor of Integrity Church, a church he planted in 2005 on Long Island, NY, where he resides. Integrity is a reproducing church that is committed to church multiplication, raising up leaders and building an authentic community of Christ Followers. While serving on the EDA Board of Directors since 2012, Tony joined the EDA staff in 2018 as the Church Multiplication Director and on the National Church Multiply Team. He currently serves as a Co-District Superintendent. Tony married his best friend, Laura in February 1996 and enjoys spending time with his family outdoors camping, hiking and traveling. Tony and Laura have 4 amazing sons, Joshua, David, Jonathan and Gabriel. 

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