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5 Questions To Consider Before Your Next Mission Trip

It’s that time of year when many student ministry leaders are making critical decisions about how they will leverage summer trips and where they will take students. Endless flyers, mailings, emails and social media blasts try to grab our attention. It’s hard to make sense of it all and choose the right organizations to partner…

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The Kingdom Without The King

Do you remember the posters that were all the rage a few years back? Groups of people would be huddled outside a store in a shopping mall staring at a 2 x 3 poster of a random series of like-colored dots. You would cross your eyes, purposefully lose focus, change angles for what seemed like hours.  People…

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4 Ways To Reach The Next Generation Right Now

Despair has a permeant address deep in his gut. Everything he reads paints the picture that it’s his fault and the damage has been done. He knows something must change, but in the church that seems less likely than addressing the issue itself.  If he were honest, he doesn’t want to read, study, converse or even consider…

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The chair was oversized, soft and the perfect place for a late afternoon nap. With kids running around the living room and dinner preparations clanging in the kitchen, he slipped into blissful slumber. We watched in amazement as he slept through all the commotion. Nothing could wake him. Without warning the incredibly annoying alarm vibrated the entire condo…

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