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When Life Isn’t A Straight Line

Imagine a gigantic timeline. It starts with a plot point on the left and stretches out for miles to the right, only to end with an arrow that indicates an end of sorts, but really no end, as this timeline goes on for eternity. Not hard to imagine, right? Now, if you are like me,…

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On Being A Good Steward Of Pain

You’ve been there, right? In the left lane behind the person who has forgotten what the left lane is for. So, you get a little closer hoping to get their attention. And, if that doesn’t work, surely the three cars that just passed them on their right will. Finally, with no other option, you also…

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When your values get pressure tested.

On the continuum of risk averse to risk seeker, I’m a risk taker when it comes to my phone. For years I’ve been carrying around a case-free phone enjoying the smooth, slim design that easily fits in my hand and slides into my pocket. Then, I dropped it in some water and the speaker became…

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Lean in.

He walked into the temple. He walked up to the well. He walked into the house. He walked into the garden. He showed up to the wedding. He walked into the crowd. He washed their feet. Sometimes it’s tempting to keep our distance from the mess, but it’s hard to love people when we are…

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