How To Grow Your Audience When No One Is Paying Attention

I don’t know how to say this… Most people don’t even know you exist. As a church, this presents a problem if you are actually trying to reach people in your community. The problem isn’t that you’re doing ministry wrong. It’s not because we live in a post-christian world. The issue isn’t that you are…

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5 Questions To Consider Before Your Next Mission Trip

It’s that time of year when many student ministry leaders are making critical decisions about how they will leverage summer trips and where they will take students. Endless flyers, mailings, emails and social media blasts try to grab our attention. It’s hard to make sense of it all and choose the right organizations to partner…

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An Amillennial Ordination in the EFCA

The week I completed my ordination was a week like no other I’ve had in ministry. On Saturday I officiated a wedding. On Sunday I launched our church sermon series in the book of Acts. On Monday I crammed for my oral ordination exam by reading over my paper and most of the book Evangelical…

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Perfect or Growing Leaders? Three Tips To Get You There.

The expectation that we are all highly functioning leaders, at all times, has to die. I certainly don’t want my volunteers trying to live up to that impossible expectation, so we tell our leaders and volunteers that our expectation for them is that they aren’t perfect, just growing.  Yet, when it comes to the expectations…

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