Spiritual Growth

An Amillennial Ordination in the EFCA

The week I completed my ordination was a week like no other I’ve had in ministry. On Saturday I officiated a wedding. On Sunday I launched our church sermon series in the book of Acts. On Monday I crammed for my oral ordination exam by reading over my paper and most of the book Evangelical…

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How To Build A Legacy Of Love

Legacy. A word that we as ministry leaders ponder at times. We ask ourselves things like, “Is what I’m doing making a difference? Does all of this time and energy focused on ministry matter? Will my life’s efforts and sacrifices have eternal value?” I think the questions we should be asking ourselves need to focus…

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Why I Think You Shouldn’t Quit

  Perhaps you’ve seen it before. A person in a military uniform at the airport. Wheelchair, maimed, missing a limb or an eye.  Most people don’t know what to do or how to engage till some brave soul starts clapping. Others join in and, at least for a moment, magic happens. They are a symbol…

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Remembering To Watch The Time

As a pastor for over 23 years, and having the privilege to serve in ministry for close to 30 years now, it seems as though time has escaped me. Yet, the Apostle Paul admonishes me in the book of Ephesians to make the most of my time. I must admit that I’ve probably not been…

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When Life Isn’t A Straight Line

Imagine a gigantic timeline. It starts with a plot point on the left and stretches out for miles to the right, only to end with an arrow that indicates an end of sorts, but really no end, as this timeline goes on for eternity. Not hard to imagine, right? Now, if you are like me,…

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Perfect or Growing Leaders? Three Tips To Get You There.

The expectation that we are all highly functioning leaders, at all times, has to die. I certainly don’t want my volunteers trying to live up to that impossible expectation, so we tell our leaders and volunteers that our expectation for them is that they aren’t perfect, just growing.  Yet, when it comes to the expectations…

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