5 Questions To Consider Before Your Next Mission Trip

It’s that time of year when many student ministry leaders are making critical decisions about how they will leverage summer trips and where they will take students. Endless flyers, mailings, emails and social media blasts try to grab our attention. It’s hard to make sense of it all and choose the right organizations to partner…

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3 Ways to Maximize Your Sabbatical

by Peter Johnson You may remember that I took a forced sabbatical due to a slip and fall accident that resulted in several weeks in a dark, quiet room to allow my broken rib and concussion to heal. After a number of medical tests it was confirmed that aside from being clumsy I am pretty healthy. …

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Like most pastors, I desperately want to see every person connected with our church being transformed into the likeness of Jesus. Unfortunately, I found that most of our approaches to discipleship led to being informed, but not transformed. Most of what I read, and most of the people that I listened to seemed to believe…

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Love cannot live where there is no trust. Edith Hamilton I never thought I had a problem with trust because I’ve been fairly trusting in my interactions with others throughout most of my life. However, a number of years ago I crashed into a situation with someone I deeply cared about and discovered that I had…

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A personal reflection from Associate Superintendent Peter Johnson. Being in darkness is never good when you know that you should be in the light. A month ago, I was mowing the grass and gathering up the leaves one last time before the winter season. The last thing I remember was mowing around the garden next…

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