Simple Online Strategies That Will Grow Your Church


As soon as people learn about how our church more than doubled in size in less than 12 months – largely through the use of social media – they immediately want to talk about the content we create and use.

These five areas are absolutely essential to think through with your team before you ever do anything with social media as a ministry or church.

There are churches that feel unchangeable, but any church can experience change and become a healthy, growing, even multiplying church.

Before we get into how to change an unchangeable church we need to admit something together: If churches don’t change, they die. This is a reality we may try to avoid or ignore but it is very much true.  

I know this because I was the lead pastor of a dying church. 

If you can’t lead with courage in the face of opposition you probably shouldn’t be leading anyway. If you are worn out, maybe it is time to sit in support of someone with the energy to lead the charge.

Here is how a pastor of 35 years managed that transition, ushering in new growth to his church and revitalizing his ministry.

Has your church plateaued? Has your church been in decline? Are you feeling stuck and unsure about what lies ahead for you or your church? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you aren’t alone. I have been able to answer yes to all of the above at some point in my role as a lead pastor.

There are things that can get in the way as we try to find, initiate or drive the vision and direction for our church or organization.

Having a discussion with a congregation that has plateaued, or is starting in a downward trend, about what may need to change in order to become effective again can be threatening if not done prayerfully and skillfully.

Here are 5 ways you can turn a church around that is making its way toward decline.

Your church is either heading up in health and ministry or you are heading down in sickness, stagnation and death. Where is your church going?

When a church loses its way up, grows stagnant and begins the free-fall toward the end, its leaders will make changes – either change policy about how to do things, change personnel by firing the pastors /electing new leaders, or create new programs. But they often miss the most basic and important of all: clarify your purpose. 

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