Don’t plan to fail (especially in these two things).


Hey leaders,

You’ve heard the saying that “a failure to plan is a plan to fail.” I want to encourage you this Summer – don’t be guilty of failing when it comes to these two things…

1. Taking care of yourself.

Don’t be guilty of failing to plan how to take care of yourself. You need to take care of you. Above and beyond everything else, you need to let your mind and your heart be shaped by the Lord.

The only way that happens is with time. It takes time. It takes quiet. It takes time in His Word. It takes focus. Make sure you put that on your calendar like any other appointment and don’t feel guilty about it.

As moms and dads, as pastors, sometimes to take care of yourself feels selfish. It’s not. It’s becoming the best leader you can be by being the best disciple of Jesus you can be.

Make sure that in the middle of vacation Bible school, in the middle of vacation and missions trips and all these other busy things that we do that you’re taking care of yourself because Summer is a great time to do that.

2. Save the date for October 9-10, 2018.

Put this date on your calendar! The Eastern District Leadership Conference – it’s for pastors, it’s for staff members, it’s for elders and leadership teams. We’re going to have great speakers, including:

The breakout sessions are going to be very practical. You don’t want to miss it. Put it on your calendar and make sure you’re ready to come out this year and join us at Faith Church in Allentown, PA.

Registration for the conference will be open in a couple weeks so keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information!

Don’t fail to plan this Summer.

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Eddie Cole

Eddie Cole

District Superintendent at Eastern District Association
After more than 20 years in ministry, Eddie’s main passion is still to share the Gospel in Word and deed. As Eastern District Superintendent his calling is to come alongside pastors and leaders in order to help them live well and lead their ministries with vision and passion, so that Christ will be glorified throughout the district.
Eddie Cole

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