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Eddie Cole’s passion is to share the Gospel in Word and deed. As Eastern District Superintendent for the EFCA his calling is to come alongside pastors and leaders in order to help them live well and lead their ministries with vision and passion. He works with more than 140 churches from New York down to Virginia, helping them have healthy leaders who lead healthy churches so that together they might experience healthy ministry multiplication.

After being born and raised in East Tennessee and then serving Christ for several years in the Bible Belt, Eddie and his wife, Jessica, felt called by God to move with their daughter, Madison,  to New York City.  Though they intended to plant a new church in the City, they ended up surprised by God with the privilege of serving for thirteen years as Senior Pastor at Salem Church in Staten Island. The time at Salem was uniquely blessed and as the church revitalized and reached many people for Christ, it equipped them to minister to the many people groups from around the world who've moved into the cities of America's northeast.

In addition to serving as a District Superintendent, Eddie speaks frequently at churches, conferences, and retreats. You can learn more about him and the ministry he oversees at EDAmove.com.  He's a graduate of Liberty University and earned a DMin at Dallas Theological Seminary with an emphasis in Discipleship of Leadership.


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10 Things I Would Change

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