Ministry or Marketing? A Simple Online Strategy To Grow Your Church with Josh Ott

Simple Online Strategies To Maximize Your Church's Communication with Josh Ott


I think Jesus adhered to a ministry model that would welcome, not reject, any opportunity to develop relationships and build community, even if it was over the interwebs. We, as Christ followers, are called to be stewards of our resources, and social media is just that – a resource perfect for developing community and building connections.

Even though social media is an extremely valuable resource for churches and ministries, there are dangers behind the relational benefits.


As soon as people learn about how our church more than doubled in size in less than 12 months – largely through the use of social media – they immediately want to talk about the content we create and use.

These five areas are absolutely essential to think through with your team before you ever do anything with social media as a ministry or church.


While having a strategy and following through on that strategy is more important than content, content does matter. The question I get asked most often is, “What should I post on social media?” I am glad people are asking that question because a simple scroll through church websites and social media profiles reveals how out of date most church content really is.

Here are 6 important and practical answers to the question: What should I post?

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