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How To Grow Your Audience When No One Is Paying Attention

I don’t know how to say this… Most people don’t even know you exist. As a church, this presents a problem if you are actually trying to reach people in your community. The problem isn’t that you’re doing ministry wrong. It’s not because we live in a post-christian world. The issue isn’t that you are…

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5 Ways To Make Sure Your Church Website Stays Relevant

I know nothing about cars, so whenever I take mine in for service and they offer to do a “complimentary 5-point inspection,” I’m grateful. (That is, until I find out that they’re usually just trying to up-sell me on extra maintenance.) If you’re feeling lost with the mechanics of your church’s website, I would like…

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4 Ways to Make a Newsletter Count

Communication is a vital part of life, especially for those in leadership of an organization and its vision. Every leader struggles with communicating effectively, whether it be an email, a seminar, or a sermon or speech. While there are many tools that we could explore, lets address the church newsletter. Done well, a newsletter is…

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Ever wonder if you will be able to continue to communicate effectively to younger people as you get older? I hate that the church world seems to suggest you have to be young to communicate well to young people. So I put together the top 10 ways to communicate to and engage millennial…ensuring your future…

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