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On Looking Like A Model

By Eddie Cole As Christians we are taught that God is not confined to a temple in Jerusalem or a church building on Main Street but He indwells us and lives in our hearts. We are taught that our behavior in public and private matters to Him and we are to live accordingly. This truth…

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I believe an invitation for people to respond to the preacher’s message should be given every time the Word is preached in a corporate gathering. From personal observation and from what I’m reading lately, it seems to me that a growing number of pastors disagree with me. Here’s a recent blog that exemplifies this ongoing conversation. I…

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“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17 This verse speaks to an important principle: leaders NEED other leaders to speak with and do life with in order to keep growing.  With that in mind, I want to invite you into two things that I believe may give you a fresh sharpening.…

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EDITORS NOTE: The first half of this article was published in the June CONNECT. If you’ve read the first installment of Andy’s article, jump down to the image for the conclusion.  Where have all the evangelists gone? That is a question I have asked myself since the early days of my Christian experience. I didn’t…

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The Invitation Still Works

Billy Graham, Jim Elliot, and John Piper are just a few Wheaton alumni who have made a significant imprint on today’s American Church. As I explored the campus for the first time, I was excited to see where the likes of these men had their hearts and minds shaped for ministry. The occasion of my…

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Relational Evangelism Even When It’s Tough

Years ago I was the president of my high school class. I was from a non-religious family where church was not even on the radar. But there was this kid in my class, Doug, whose dad was the pastor at the evangelical church in town.  We were friends and nearly every week he would call…

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