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What you need to say to younger leaders.

By Josh Ott This was never my dream for my life – this thing we call pastoring, leading in a church. I’m a pastor’s kid who grew up in a really good EFCA church, a pastor’s kid who had amazing parents who demonstrated their love for Jesus and their love for their kids every day.…

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2 Key Ways To Get Your Church Out Of Maintenance Mode

By Pete Johnson It can be daunting to think about all the people who still need Jesus in our area of ministry. There are some 8.4 million people in NYC, 1.5 million in Philly, 622,000 in Baltimore, 658,000 in DC, 438,000 in Virginia Beach. Add to that all our suburbs and rural communities and we have the opportunity to…

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Our EFCA mission is to multiply transformational churches among all people. That’s why I’m excited about the work God is doing with the Wilson family as they begin their new season of ministry in Roanoke, Virginia. Charles and His wife Tranay began serving in youth ministry at their home church in South Jersey in 1999. Together…

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