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An Amillennial Ordination in the EFCA

The week I completed my ordination was a week like no other I’ve had in ministry. On Saturday I officiated a wedding. On Sunday I launched our church sermon series in the book of Acts. On Monday I crammed for my oral ordination exam by reading over my paper and most of the book Evangelical…

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Summertime and The Lust Comes Easy

Temperatures climb. Daylight extends. Kids finish school. Families take vacations. And you might even roll up the sleeves as you mow the lawn to work on that tan. Ahh, summertime. Before living in Pennsylvania, I pastored at a church in Tucson, Arizona. We would often joke that Tucson had only two seasons: hot and hotter.…

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Pastors Need Healthy Boundaries

There’s a phrase in endurance sports called “burning matches.” For every racer, there’s one average pace that gets you to the finish line fastest. And every time you increase your speed above that pace (perhaps to catch one competitor or drop another) you “burn a match.” Burning matches is part of racing, but a smart…

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